Thanks Aly  4 The Border C:


"I'm A Little Drunk On You, And High On Summertime >:]" 

..Summer Lambert..



Summer Gene Lambert




Sexuality Bisexual


Photography, Dancing, Track. 
Siblings TBA
Nickname(s) Sums, Summie, Lamb, Gene, 


July 3rd




Summer was born and raised in Australia. She lived with her 2 older brothers, and her little sister. Summer's father passed away when Summer was young, too young to even remember his passing. All she knew was that her mother was depressed, but tried not to let it effect the family. Her mother, being a business woman, was traveling a lot, leaving Summer and her siblings home alone. Summer's eldest brother, Caden, would take care of the family while her mother was away. When Summer turned 10, her mother was offered a job in America. Somewhere she had never been, only heard stories from her mother. When Summer heard the news, she was very excited, since she wouldn't be leaving many friends behind. This didn't stop her mother from going state to state. But her mother soon quit her job, her reason being she was moving around to much, and never got to see her children. Summer, now 15, was told by her mother that the fam was moving to Lakewood. Summer had never heard of this town before, but it turns out it's one of the best things that has happened in her life. Summer now has about 5-6 friends, 2 really close ones. Alycia and Teagan. #Bfuwd :D.

..Appearance.. just look at pics :]

..Personality.. if you dun know her yet, sucks 2 be you. You don't get a personality :)



..Photos Summer Took..


Dylan Miller | Crush | 98%

Teagan Miller | Good Friend | 100%

Dash | Good Friend | 96%

Alycia Woods | Pft, Who Knows | 100%

Maia Morgan | New Friend | 50% 

Henry | New Friend | 50%

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