Hey everyone,

Most of you know me as Kathryn. If you don't hello, that's my name. Unfortunately, I've decided to leave Lakewood. I just have no motivation to role play here anymore, not because of the people, just because of time and whatnot. I loved roleplaying here for the time I did. You guys were super nice, awesome, great, intelligent people. I could go on a whole list about what you guys all are. Just remember that everyone is special in your own way, and if people can't respect that, then they can't truly be your friends. I love you guys live a little family and I hope everything goes well in the role play and in your lives. I'll miss you a lot but feel free to follow my Instagram, Wishystaraj, or subscribe to my youtube WishyStarPlays AJ. Hopefully some of you will say hi on my message wall on AJCW.

Thanks for the great time again,

Kath <3

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