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Micheal grew up in Willowdale, Nebraska, in a nice house with his parents, Shannon Ross and Nathan Lance, as well as younger sister Luna Lance. His childhood was a good one, he had some friends, played on a soccer team, things like that, but it was middle school that his social status fell dramatically.

You see, Micheal had always had a sore spot for horses. Of course he liked soccer, but he liked horses even more. His parents hadn't wanted to get him his own too young, provided that he might not like it after only a year, but then, seeing at age 12 he was still into them, they bought him a horse, Pepper. He learned to ride immediately, a year later starting in competitions. But, one day, Mike was riding his horse around the stable, and Daniel Lewis happened to see. He was the most popular guy in the school, and the quarterback for the grade eight football team. He also was out to make Michael's life a living hell. Once he found out about Mike's horseback riding, he casually set it out in the school hallways. Micheal began to be bullied, all the boys thought he was a loser, all the girls thought he was a sicko.

Micheal, being quiet and somewhat shy, did not tell anyone until the day it went too far. Daniel was riding his bike by the stable with his gang. They saw Mike, outside on Pepper. He was practicing fence jumping, every so often stopping to pet the gentle brown horse. Daniel took a knife from his back jeans pocket, smiling sneakily. He hid his bike in a ditch, then slowly made his way towards Pepper. He barrel rolled underneath, and then stabbed Pepper in the belly, hard. He pulled his hood up and raced out before anyone could catch him. Micheal wobbled, for Pepper was unstable. He cursed, then, Pepper wobbled sideways, falling into the manure, tipping Micheal off with her. Micheal fell, landing on his hand. He heard a crack, and everything went dark.

He woke up in the hospital. His hand throbbed- it was wrapped in cotton and bandages, sitting on a pillow. Micheal's mom leaned in, kissing him on the forehead, murmuring how he went into surgery and how scared they were. One thing was on his mind though. Pepper. " Is Pepper okay?" Micheal had asked, looking as his mothers expression changed. " I'm sorry pet, they couldn't save her." She hugged him, the horse had meant so much. But Micheal didn't respond. He stiffened. Pepper was the only good thing in his life. A single tear ran down his face.

Once the doctor's were sure Mike was alright, he was taken to a counsellor. The counsellor, Dr. Merrit, tried everything he could to get the boy to communicate, to stand up for himself at school. Nothing worked, and eventually they had to move schools. They moved away from Nebraska, all the way to Lakewood. Luna was disappointed, she didn't want to leave her friends, and thats probably why she hates Micheal so much today. He started at Lakewood Academy High School at the first day of a new semester. As a present, his parents bought him Fauna, a green budgie.

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  • Age 3
  • Age 6
  • Age 9
  • Age 12
  • Micheal's Car
  • Micheal's House
  • Micheal's Mom, Shannon Ross, 41 (Alive)
  • Micheal's Dad, Nathan Lance, 43 (Alive)
  • Micheal's Younger Sister, Luna Lance, 13
  • Micheal's Budgie, Fauna
  • Micheal's Parrotlet, Blue

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