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Margaret was born on a sunny afternoon in Malibu, Florida, March 24, 2002, to Harriet Hopson and Gerald Anderson. She was a happy baby, always full of joy to her parents, and lived a happy childhood, until, the age of nine. That was when her father, on his way home from work, was tragically killed in a collision on the highway. Margaret and her mother did not know a thing until the very next day, when a police officer showed up at the house at 6:30 in the morning with a grim face. 

No one knew what to do after that. Harriet, in shock, attempted suicide once, but was able to be revived by the doctors, and Margaret  was, and still is, grateful that she wouldn't have been left alone with no living family. Soon after this, Harriet moved them out of the state, all the way to Kansas. It was peaceful, but different, without her father, laughing, barbecuing chicken wings and hamburgers on Friday nights, tickling Margaret's feet and kissing her head at night. She was enrolled in horse-back riding lessons, what her counsellor explained might help with grief. It did. Her first horse was called Penelope, and Margaret loved her so much. They rode everyother day, learning with each other. At the age of twelve she was competing in jumping competitions and winning trophies for her bedroom.

But, something stopped her. The fact that her mother had a new boyfriend. His name was Darrel Forester and he was the president of a logging company in a town called Lakewood. He was in Kansas on buisness, and he met her mother at the sewing shop where she worked. Margaret never trusted him. He acted as if she needed to be trained into the proper ways of a child. About a year later, Darrel married Harriet and moved the family to Lakewood. Margaret was forced to leave any scrap of friendship and love she'd had in Kansas behind, including Penelope. Darrel thought horses were overrated with children, and pushed her to play tennis and continue her failed clarinet lessons. 

A month after the move, Harriet found out she was pregnant with twins, who, when they were born, became Margaret's younger sister and brother. Darrel immediately took over as their father, which Margaret didn't mind. Let him train them in his ways. She continued to hate him, and his love for her grew so meek he could barely make eye contact. Eventually Harriet noticed this, and she forced Margaret and Darrel to be civil around the twins and in public. Margaret spent much of her middle school year in the library, waiting until the very last second to go home.

Now, she has just recently begun her tenth grade at Lakewood Academy High School. Supposedly, she should be in eleventh grade. Even though tennis and clarinet were two activities she could quit, she kept them, in order to have something to do. But, even under Darrel's eyes, she regained a horse and began riding at the local stable.


  • Margaret Age 3
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  • Margaret Age 9
  • Margaret Age 12
  • Arabella, Siamese Cat
  • Arabella As A Kitten

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