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❤︎ Information ❤︎

Editorial rights of all
Adding Ships
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❤︎ Rules and Regulations ❤︎

The following are the rules & regulations that are required to be followed by all members/ editors at all times

I. Inappropriate ships will no be permitted 

II. If someone wishes for a ship to be taken down it HAS to be removed

III. People are allowed to add ships & photos. If not understood how to add them, contact Snappeapple on his message wall and he will add it for you

IV. Do not ship newcomers, we would like you to get to know them before you ship them very quickly. Once you know them better you may ship them.

V. If any coding issues with the page/ difficulties with other people contact Snappleapple as soon as possible

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❤︎ Ships ❤︎

This Column hen you may conjoin two peoples names together in which you hope will become a couple in the future, or think would make a cute couple

Teagan X Dash= Tash/Deagan

Dash X Alycia= Dalycia/Ash

Alycia X Summer= Aummer/Salycia

Dylan X Summer= Dymmer/Sylan

Teagan X Alycia= Aleagan/Talycia

April X Noah= Apoah/Nopril

Colin X Tessa= Cessa/Tolin

Chase X Corinna= Charinna/Corase

Jessie X Carter= Cassie (Cassica)/Jester

Jessica (Jessie) X Nash= Nessica/Jash

James X Willow= Jillow/Wames

Natalie X Alycia= Nalycia/Alycalie

Amanda X James= Jamanda

Asher X Amanda= Ashmanda/Amasher

Hazel X  Micah= Hicah/Mazel

Summer X James= JAMMER *for life*

Loren X Mia = Loria

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❤︎ Joke Ships ❤︎

This is where you can put your joke/funny ships, these are ones of which will never happen but are just for a laugh, to annoy your friend, or just plan explain your charter's personality better

Alyica X Mr.Fries= Alycia's one true love

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❤︎ High School Sweet Hearts ❤︎

This list is the couples in L.A.H.S that are currently a real couple not just a ship

Maia X Tyler= Myler, Taia

Chase X Corinna= Corase, Charinna

Jessie X Carter= Cessie, Jester

Natalie X Alycia= Nalycia, Alycalie

James X Summer= Jammer

Stephanie X Niche= Siche

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❤︎ Crush Collection ❤︎

Once you find out of of the Lake Wood High students crushes add it to this list to try and bump your favorite couples together or to tell your crush that you like them without saying it to their face

Cameron Has a Crush On Zachary.

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❤︎ Notes to your Crush ❤︎

In notes to your crush, you can write a note to your crush and pour your heart out and not sign either your name, or your crushes. This will give the chance for people who don't want to admit their feelings a chance to come out without being judged

Dear Crush,

I'm in love with you, I'm crazy about you, I wish I could tell you, but it's just not that simple.


Dear Crush,

I want to be with you 24/7. You are my world, my life, everything I want to be. Things are complicated, but I only want you to be happy. You light up my life, and without you I would be lost. You are my sun and my moon, the stars that light up my night sky. We've broken hearts, and our hearts will be broken in the future. But this will be good while it lasts.



Dear Teagan,

I want to shout it from the rooftops, but nothing comes out. I want to always be there for you, make you happy. I will wait a lifetime for you, I don't care. To be honest, I'm jealous, I see you in love with someone else and it feels like I'm being stabbed in the heart. As Shakespeare once said, "love me or hate me, both are in my favor... If you love me, I'll always be in your heart. If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind."

My wish is to not make you fall in love with me, that's impossible, but I do wish to spend every living moment with you. Love is impossible to control and that's why I broke your heart.. You don't deserve it. I can't change the past, I wish I could, trust me. My wish is that you'll soon figure this out, if you knew who I am, you' understand why, I care too much about you to confuse things. I need you.



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❤︎ Friendship Notes ❤︎

In this section you can write a nice note to your friends to show your appreciation and how much you truly love them. This section has been added to remind many people that love doesn't have to be in a girlfriend/boyfriend level but can be between close friends too

Bro, a Poem to Alycia by Teagan

My bro, Alycia.

Bro, your the absolute best

My dude, Alycia.

Bro, why you gotta be so great

My home-dawg, Alycia.

Bro, you're the apple o my eye

My main bro, Alycia

Bro, you are my one and only bro

I love you my bro, Alycia


Teagan, I'm sorry. The thing is you're one of the greatest friends anyone could ask for, and I know you like me.. I'll never hate you or make things awkward between us, I just wish we could go back to being the best of friends. I'm sorry I'm friend zoning you I just have feelings for someone else. I wish I could make it up to you, and I hate seeing you cry.


Yo. It's Summer. This goes out to all you peeps. C: I don't know why, but why the freak not? Love you all, even though I hang out with like 1 person C: ~Summer

AH Jessie, I'm not one for sappy shit, I think you know me well enough to understand that. I've gotta admit, I did start to have feelings for you, but they're gone, you know why? Because I'm not the one for you, if I know you well enough, being with a guy like me would just screw you up even more. You need a guy who will keep your head screwed on straight, and let's be real, I'm the one that screws it off in the first place. You're cool, I want to be friends for a long time. SO YEAH, YEAH, that's it. PeaCE. See not a death threat note :').


K. You Have A Point There Bud. Anyway, I Agree. Long Time Friends It Is. Lollll I'm Bad At Notes, That Is Why It's Short, But Ty Buddy. C:

-Jessie In Response To Nash.

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❤︎ The Albums ❤︎

In The Albums, you can post links to ship theme songs. These songs can be either love related or break up related

^Summer & James' Song^

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❤︎ The Gallery ❤︎

This is where you can post all the fan art, photos, and memories of your favorite Lake Wood ships and couples


  • Chase X Corinna
  • Dash X Tea?
  • Hazel x Micah?
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