"coffee everyday, all day."

basic info 

full name kathryn j brown
generation first
age 17
grade junior
date of birth january 25
gender female
bf/gf single
nickname kat, or kath


Kathryn is a respectable height of 5'4, with a weight of 114, considered skinny. She has blonde brown ombré hair, soft and straight. Her eyes are hazel coloured and very soft, she tends to wink alot at passing boys. Her body shape is slim with muscle here and there, and her breasts are a small, good size.


Kathryn's personality tends to vary, but she is mostly known as energetic and smart. She drinks coffee almost 24/7 and wouldn't miss a single day without it. Even decafs count. Most of her life she has gotten all As,and she is quite a designer, in clothing and decor.



My name is Kathryn. Kathryn Josie Brown. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Kanawoo, Australia. It's a small town down south. No one has ever heard of it, but it's beuatiful. I recommend visiting. I love it there. Correction. Loved it their.

My parents, Andrew Lachinski and Sarah Brown, moved to Australia from the states when they were newlyweds. You see, my father's parents, who are respectable religious people, didn't approve of him dating my mother, who was poorer at the time, she smoked, she skipped class, and her house was dark and musty. My mother's parents didn't give a flying hooray about her. But when they met, it was truly love at first sight. They weren't supposed to be together, so after college, after high school, they eloped and moved far away. Then my mother found out she was pregnant. With me, of course.


I was born on January 25, 2001. Right into a new century. But my birth was hard, especially on my mother. Smoking was starting to come back at her, hitting her in the chest like bricks, so hard she could barely take a deep breath sometimes. It was lung cancer, and their was no attainable cure. So having a baby took everything. Of course she was alive to meet me, but she was never the same again. She sat in a rocking chair the rest of her life, smoking pot and cigarettes and reading me stories. In a way, she was a good mother, in other ways, not so much. One day, when I was 6, I was sitting on the living room rug of our condominium, playing with my toys, when she collapsed. I went over to her, pulled on her sleeves, started screaming her name. No neighbours heard me, but somehow I knew to call 911. My father arrived at the hospital soon after they'd come, scooping me into his arms and holding me tight as they did everything to get her back.

Nothing seemed to work. She was gone before she even reached the ambulance, the doctors had told us. A few months after her death, my father, having fallen into depression for losing the love of his life, quit his job and moved us away. Away from the smelly, small apartment I'd grown up in. Away from her clothes, scents, her cigarettes. He moved us to Chicago first, tried to find work their for a while, while I started school for the first time. I'd barely learned my addition before he moved us again, to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was lovely, and we lived their for longer. I continued school, and I met my best friend, Alia Mccordic. We did everything together, from the day we met in 2nd grade, to freshman year of highschool. Salt Lake was amazing. Some of the best years of my life, socially. I was one of the most popular girls in the school, me and Alia were. But that's when my father met Heather Robbins.

She was everything to him instantly. I didn't want him to leave Mom behind in the dust like he'd done, so I did everything to separate them. But despite my best efforts, they were married a year after meeting. Heather had two children, Mikayla and Ashlynn, and so as well as a new step-mom I had two step-sisters as well. Our house in Salt Lake was too small for all of us now, so Dad and Heather decided to move us to Lakewood. It was so hard to say goodbye to Alia, but I promised her we'd facetime every night. When we arrived, I thought it was gross. Smalltown, everyone knows everyone. But I've come to love it, over the years. 


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