​Jake Moral


Basic Information

Full Name
Jake Dan Moral
J, Jakey
17 Years 2/4
Middle Class
GF or Crush
Theme Song(s)
Guitar, Reading, 
Georgia Moral; Emma Moral;


Jake can come off as shy, and anti-social. But once you get to know him, he is social. He is kind and caring. He will stand up for someone being put down. He can't wait to get to know you! :D 


Jake grew up in Florida. He was raised with 2 younger sisters, and his parents. Jake was born on June 1st, 2000. When he was 5, he learned how to sing and dance. He fell in love with the habbit, and now plays guitar. He doesn't talk to many people, probably because he is in his room, most of the time, playing guitar, singing, or dancing. When Jake turned 10, he got a dog, which is now his best friend. He brings his dog, Summer, everywhere. When Jake 13, his father passed away. Now he is the only male in his house. He doesn't even have a pet that's a boy. The next week. his father's funeral arrived. The next day, Jake's mother committed suicide, probably not even thinking about where her 3 children would end up. The 3 were put in foster care, together. They refused to be separated. They currently live with James and Riley Wheeler. James got a job offer to be a professional chef, and he took it. Jake and his sisters, Riley as well, moved to Lakewood. He was soon then enrolled into Lakewood Academy High school.


Jake has blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wears glasses, and occasionally contacts. He will usually be seen in shorts and tangtops. He is 5'9 :) 


  • Jake As A 6 Year Old
  • Jake As An 11 Year Old
  • Jake As A 15 Year Old
  • Jake As A 17 Year Old (Now)
  • Georgia; Sister (15)
  • Emma; Sister (12)
  • Lindsey; Birth Mother; (43)
  • Darco; Birth Father; (44)
  • James; Foster Father; (45)
  • Riley; Foster Mother; (44)
  • House
  • Jake's Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Pool
  • Georgia's Room
  • Emma's Room
  • Summer
  • Summer As A Puppy
  • Winter
  • Winter As A Kitten
  • Tucker and Jake :P
  • Old House in Florida
  • Old Room in Florida
  • Jake's Car
  • Georgia's Yorkie Mulan
  • Emma's Shih Tzu, Dove

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