Faith Likes Cats.
Faith Marie Vitale
Tin-Can, Blackberry, Fay
April 21st
Lakewood Academy High School
Middle Class
In School Activities
Justin Perich
Alex Kimberly
Zodiac Symbol


Faith Thought She Was

Allergic To The Sun For 1 

Week Because Of A


Faith Tends To Be Hyper, But After 5 Minutes She's Usually Back On Her Phone Looking At Puppy Or Dog Pictures. Faith Is Also Very Open To People But Unintentionally, She Will Sometimes Blurt Out Stuff That She Doesn't Mean To Say. Faith Is Almost Always Carefree And Extremely Happy, Unless You Take Her To A Haunted Place.

Faith's Main Hair Color:


Faith's Highlights:


Faith's Eye Color:



Faith Was Born In Chicago, Illinois. She Grew Up With Her Parents, And Lola Her Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, In A Decent Sized House. She Never Had Any Tragic Experiences Until... One Fateful Day. Faith Went To A Track Meet One Day To Her Surprise It Was One Of The Worst Decisions Of Her Life. Jake Matthews A Fellow Track Member And Friend Attempted To Prank Her. She Had Taken Off Running Making It Over The First Few Hurdles. She Was So Close To Finishing When Jake Kicked The Hurdle She Was Jumping Over. She Lost Her Balance Mid Air And Landed Directly On Her Left Hand. Everything From That Point Was A Mess. While Faith Was In The Hospital Her Parents Got Her A Red Merle Australian Shepherd Known As, Olive. Olive And Lola Got Along But Sadly Lola Died From Cancer. Faith Was Devestated That She Lost Her Childhood Dog Lola. Once She Got Out Of The Hospital She Moved To Lakewood. She Met Alex Kimberly. Once Alex Got Out Of A Mental Hospital Her Parents Took Her In. Alex Moved In Across The Street From Her.


Faith Was In Bora Bora When She Thought Alex Needed Help. So She Attempted To Book A Flight To Hawaii, Because Alex Was In Hawaii. Faith Has Never Been Good When It Comes To Booking Flights. She Accidently Booked A Flight To London. While She Was Looking For Starbucks She Stumbeled Across A Puppy Store. Faith Was About To Leave When She Saw A Red Ball Of Fur. She Ended Up Buying The Toller And Named It Abbey.






- Olive -
Age: 5 Years Old

Gender: Female

Breed: Red Merle Australian Shepherd

Coat: Red Merle


- Abbey -
Age: 1 Year Old

Gender: Female

Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Coat: Red With White Blotches


- Tonkey -
Age: 10 Months Old

Gender: Male

Breed: Shar Pei

Coat: Light Grey Mixed With Fawn


- Mango -
Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix

Coat: Red With Fawn Markings


- Akira -
Age: 8 Months Old

Gender: Female

Breed: Siberian Husky

Coat: Silver With Grey Markings


- Tucker -
Age: 7 Months Old

Gender: Male

Breed: Newfoundland

Coat: Black With White Stockings And Specks

- Wilbur -
Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Breed: Exotic Shorthair

Coat: Brindle With White Markings

Name Gender Trust Percent Relation Status
Alec 90% Friend In-Active
Alex 10BB In-Active
Alice 90% Friend Active
Arizona 0% Unknown In-Active
Ashley 90% Friend Active
Ava 96% Good Friend In-Active
Blair 0% Unknown In-Active
Blake 91% Friend Active
Callum 85% Acquaintance In-Active
Cassie 90% Friend In-Active
Caterina 0% Unknown In-Active
Charlie 90% Friend In-Active
Claire 92% Friend In-Active
Daisy 89% Acquaintance Semi-Active
Daniel 93% Friend In-Active
Elyse 90% Friend In-Active
Emma 0% Unknown In-Active
Enya 0% Unknown In-Active
Eric 89% Acquaintance Active
Ethan 89% Acquaintance In-Active
Harper 0% Unknown Active
Henry 0% Unknown In-Active
Hunter 0% Unknown Active
Jake 0% Unknown In-Active
Jason 94% Friend Active
Jazzie 96% Good Friend In-Active
Jillian 0% Unknown In-Active
June 95% Good Friend Active
Justin Boyfriend Active
Kathryn 97% Close Friend Active
Kaelyn 0% Unknown In-Active
Keegan 85% Acquaintance In-Active
Landon 95% Good Friend In-Active
Liam 89% Acquaintance In-Active
Lynn 91% Friend Active
Mikayla 95% Good Friend In-Active
Mikki 95% Good Friend Active
Marc 0% Unknown In-Active
Melissa 0% Unknown In-Active
Onyx 0% Unknown In-Active
Paige Best Friend Active
Percy 85% Acquaintance In-Active
Rachelle 89% Acquaintance In-Active
Reagan 90% Friend In-Active
Sara 89% Acquaintance In-Active
Shakira 0% Unknown In-Active
Shawn 94% Good Friend Active
Skylar Best Friend Active
Stevie 0% Unknown In-Active
Topaz 0% Unknown In-Active
Weston 89% Acquaintance In-Active
  • Faith Vitale
  • Faith And Justin
  • Faith's Dog, Tucker (Newfoundland) -Alive-
  • Tucker Carrying His Toy
  • Faith's Cat, Wilbur (Exotic Shorthair)-Alive-
  • Wilbur Laying Down
  • Wilbur Crawling Around
  • Faith's Dog, Akira (Siberian Husky)-Alive-
  • Faith's Dog, Mango (Golden Retriever X Pit Bull)-Alive-
  • Faith's Dog, Tonkey (Shar Pei)-Alive-
  • Tonkey Sleeping With His Mini Duck Toy
  • Tonkey In The Bath Tub
  • Tonkey Next To A Piggy Bank
  • Faith's Dog, Abbey (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)-Alive-
  • Abbey As A Puppy
  • Faith's Dog, Olive (Red Merle Australian Shepherd)-Alive-
  • Olive As A Puppy
  • Lola And Olive ♥
  • Faith's Dog, Lola (Blue Merle Australian Shepherd)-Deceased-
  • Faith's Mom, Alice Vitale -Alive-
  • Faith's Dad, Kurt Vitale -Alive-
  • Faith's House
  • Faith's Kitchen
  • Faith's Living Room
  • Faith's Basement
  • Faith's Bedroom
  • Faith's Car (Bugatti Veyron)
  • Faith's Other Car (Audi R8)

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