Ellian Richards



Name Ellian Richards
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 17
Grade 11th
Rank Middle Class
Sexuality Heterosexual
Boyfriend N/A
Occupation Soccer


I awoke to my parents screaming downstairs. Turning to my left I checked my phone for the time.


I crept down the stairs, still groggy from the lack of sleep, I heard parts of the conversation, if the relentless chain of insults and accusations could be called that, but I knew what was happening from those words.




I fell to my knees, tears welling up in my hazel eyes, although it was expected, even though I'd been emotionally preparing myself for thing moment for months, it still hurt, to see the two people I'd grown up loving and caring for throw accusations, to hear the news of divorce from a fight in the middle of the night, to know that my dad may not have ever loved my mother. I walked back to bed, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. I just rolled in bed, thinking, tears rolling down my face.

When I saw the morning sun shine through the curtains I walked downstairs, unsurprisingly my parents were sat in the living room, "El, we need to tell you something," I looked up to them and frowned, trying my best to pretend I didn't know, "Yes dad?" I asked, my voice dry and emotionless.

"Me and your mother are having a divorce and decided it best if you move with her. To America."



Ellian is calm and mature most times however she can be very over excited. She is happy most the times and when she is sad she prefers to stay alone and cry (;-;). She is stubborn and has a short temper.



Ellian has pale brown eyes with green flecks, wavy brown hair and freckles speckled on her nose. She is short and slim, however, she gains weight very easily so she needs to be sure to eat healthily.



Mikayla 0% (Unknown)
June 0% (Unknown)
Ashley 0% (Unknown)
Paige 0% (Unknown)
Keegan 0% (Unknown)
Shawn 0% (Unknown)
Marc 0% (Unknown)
Blake 0% (Unknown)
Ethan 0% (Unknown)
Faith 0% (Unknown)
Skylar 0% (Unknown)
Landon 0% (Unknown)
Arizona 0% (Unknown)
Shakira 0% (Unknown)
Jason 0% (Unknown)
Weston 0% (Unknown)
Elyse 0% (Unknown)
Melissa 0% (Unknown)
Stevie 0% (Unknown)
Ava 0% (Unknown)
Eric 0% (Unknown)
Justin 0% (Unknown)
Kathryn 0% (Unknown)
Jazzie 0% (Unknown)
Alex 0% (Unknown)
Emma 0% (Unknown)
Sarah 0% (Unknown)
Blaire 0% (Unknown)
Kaelyn 0% (Unknown)
Enya 0% (Unknown)
Topaz 0% (Unknown)
Daniel 0% (Unknown)
Michael 0% (Unknown)
Claire 0% (Unknown)
Adeline 0% (Unknown)
Rachelle 0% (Unknown)
Eleanor 98% (Good Friend)
Adam 0% (Unknown)
Henry 0% (Unknown)
Henry 0% (Unknown)
Daisy 0% (Unknown)
Avery 0% (Unknown)
Mikki 0% (Unknown)
Caterina 0% (Unknown)
Cassie 0% (Unknown)
Tyler 0% (Unknown)
Kate 98% (Good friend)
Jillian 0% (Unknown)
Likes, Dislikes and Fears
Likes Dislikes
Animals Hail storms
Healthy foods Spiders
Reading Loud places
Rain Petty drama
The smell of fire Flying
Musicals Acne
Small places

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