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Antisocial Rose
• 10/4/2017

Image upload is coming!

Hey Lakewood Academy. It's been a while since I posted -- I'm Bert from FANDOM. I wanted to let you know that we're about to release image upload for Discussions, and you'll be one of the first communities to get it!

This post has a few purposes.
1) To tell you.
2) To see how you feel about this happening? Excited? Worried? If so, why?
3) Once image upload arrives, you can reply on this post and let me know how things are going.

All images uploaded to FANDOM are reviewed within 24 hours and so "bad" images won't last too long. Admins and moderators will be able to remove images from posts as well.

JPG, PNG and GIF will be supported.

Any questions? Please let me know!
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Antisocial Rose
• 10/10/2017
Image upload is now available!
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