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Lakewood Academy HighSchool Roleplay

Hey Guys! Roleplay Here.

Love ya guys c:

but I can
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I sure as he'll don't go on aj anymore

Why did this end again?
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I understand the drive but wish we didn't close this RP down -
I'd start it back up if I knew more people would be active on the wiki.
eh we all ded
It's not that
everyone's incredibly inactive

it's just that there's not as many people as there were before
I mean
let's be real here
the same thing that happened to F/JH - events died out and madly driven roleplays started taking place because of that - would happen to this
I really don't like school but I'm not dead :)
I miss this RP too.
I might invite a few of my friends from AJCW over here. We used to rp a lot, mostly fantasy, but not on AJ, on wikis. They're looking for somewhere to roleplay again because their rp is dying, so I might invite them to join!
that sounds great

Doesn't mean I'll be reopening this RP thou.
I see u dadddddy