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• 7/11/2018

Brynn's OC page color

This will be for the border, soundcloud and text you see on Brynn's page
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• 5/29/2018

Super City ~SIDE RP~

- D E S C R I P T I O N -
Freak rain descended upon the city of Chateau, giving some students strange abilities. Some choose to hide theirs, others will openly show it. Of course, some have been entirely unaffected by the rain. With these powers come heroes and villains, along with hunters willing to capture and sell/kill the affected for experimenting. With all of these new powers and dangers, the students have been moved to a remote boarding school. Who will you be in this new world?

- R U L E S -
1) No swearing every other word.
2) Limit it to 3 OCs.
3) Limit it to 2 Powers.
4) Don't be OP. (i.e. Immortality, Time, etc.)

- T A K E N P O W E R S -
Shape Shifting
Superhuman Agility
Force Field
Power Detection
Vocal Replication

- C H A R A C T E R S -
Full Name /Age /Dorm# /Gender /Grade(9-11) /Powers /Hero, Villain or Hunter /Open or Secret About Powers /Image or GIF

Leo Violet/17/3/Female/Junior/Electrokinesis-Atmokinesis-Ferrokinesis/Undecided/Secret/

Veronica Main/17/3/Female/Junior/Flight, Shape Shifting, Pyrokinesis/Hero/Open/

Jacob King/17/9/Male/Junior/Super Speed, Naturakinesis, Strength/Villain/Open/

Liam Court/17/9/Male/Junior/Superhuman Healing-Superhuman Agility-Combat/anti-hero/Selective/

Justin Maren /17/10/Male /Junior/Geokinesis-Empathy-ForceField /Undecided /selective /

Mac Michaels /16 /10 /male /Junior /Telekinesis-energy blasts/Hero /open /

Megan Laymedy /25/None/Female/Adult/Power detection, vocal replication/ Hunter /open /None
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• 4/22/2018
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• 3/13/2018

The College of Lakewood (Second Generations)

Whilst Generation 3 is busy taking over the high school, our second generation beebs migrate on over to college.
Simple as that.
We will be trying to use second generation students only, but if you would like to add a new character to the mix, then you may post your form on the main JF discussion ( and we will have those with administrative rights look further into it.
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• 3/5/2018

Generation 2(continued)

The second generation is back. Try to Keep your oc count low, at most, 5. Keep track of them though, we admins are lazy. Below I will put the required joining form, events (which I'll update weekly/never), and a list of the active oc's. Gold stars are awarded to nice people [:🌟

Joining Form-
*= required
*Age (14 - 15):
*Grade (Must be 9th Until Further Notice):
Brief History:
*Brief Personality:

(Updated Weekly)
Monday- School
Tuesday- Minimum day
Wednesday- Minimum day
Thursday- Party
Friday- No School
Saturday- Beach day
Sunday- Nothing

Member/Star Count- 11
Granny Sol 🌟
Antisocial Rose 🌟
ExoticWavestep 🌟
Vanillan 🌟
ImAlwaysHungry-ItsSad 🌟
Icebear2015 🌟
Watermeloonz 🌟

-Summer, Jess, Colin, Casey, Adam (Rose)
-Loren, Grant, Eda (Exo)
-Nikita, Kellee, Dustin (Icebear)
-Max, April, Lucinda, Sage, Jay (Watermeloonz)
-James, Nash, Ethan, Aaron, Drew, Robert (Hihowareu)
-Megan, Olivia, Niche, Carter, Finn, Audrey (Shippingcart)
-Luo, Micah (Jedediah~is)
-Katrina F. (Rheagrim)
-Bella ($tereotypical)
-Stephanie, Nicole, Libby (IAmALazyBug)
-Seth, Nina, Nathan (Kawazinic)
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• 3/1/2018

Introducing polls

Greetings! I am Bert and I work for FANDOM. Today I am here to let you know about a new option in Discussions — Polls! Any user can create a poll within a post, and then others can vote. This community is part of a small group that is getting the first version of this feature. We have lots more planned. Feel free to reply to this post and let us know what you think!
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• 12/3/2017


The whole delinquents gang back at it for the next year at the school

Squad up

Gang gang

(This is by ye boi Blakey and Alex and hats off to Alex for making the original)
You are the kid of a famous super villain. You are sent to a school for other kids of villains.

Every villain has a max of two children although you can request to be an only child

Joining Forms:
Name ( first and last ) | Age | Gender | Personality ( short Please ) | Sexuality | Parent/s | Siblings | Picture of You |


Alyssa Chants | 17 | Female | Clever- Sneaky- Mysterious | Straight | The Enchantress ( From suicide squad )

Astrid Kyle | 17| Female | Astrid is Sarcastic, flirtatious, and introverted | Bisexual | Cat-women & Unknown

Dex Luther | 17 | Male | Skillful, Strategic, Selfless | Straight | Lex Luther |

Rosaleen (Rose) Quinn | Age | Gender | Smart, Witted, Brave, Hopes and Holds onto love, Kind at times, Mean at times, | Straight | Harley Quinn & The Joker |

Name| Violet Conner| Age| 17| Gender|Female | Personality| Violet has a witty sharp personality ( short Please ) | Sexuality|
Hetero | Parent/s| N/A | Siblings| N/A| Picture of You |

Maxwell Isley | 17 | Male | Flirtatious, loyal, irrational, people-person. (His mum technically a therapist of sorts Sooo hrs good at it). | Flirtatious, loyal, irrational, people-person. (His mum technically a therapist of sorts Sooo hrs good at it). | Bisexual | Poison Ivy & unknown | |

Zoe Torres | 17 | Female | Strong- Genius- Proud- Agile- Rebel | Bisexual | Deadshot and Talia al Ghul | No Alive Siblings (Brother is dead)|
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• 10/4/2017

Image upload is coming!

Hey Lakewood Academy. It's been a while since I posted -- I'm Bert from FANDOM. I wanted to let you know that we're about to release image upload for Discussions, and you'll be one of the first communities to get it!

This post has a few purposes.
1) To tell you.
2) To see how you feel about this happening? Excited? Worried? If so, why?
3) Once image upload arrives, you can reply on this post and let me know how things are going.

All images uploaded to FANDOM are reviewed within 24 hours and so "bad" images won't last too long. Admins and moderators will be able to remove images from posts as well.

JPG, PNG and GIF will be supported.

Any questions? Please let me know!
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• 8/15/2017

Freshman/Junior Year

The year has just began, where Lakewood will welcome new people to start fresh new year at LAHS. This is not a side roleplay, nor a main. You will have separate oc's while your mains will transfer to AGU.
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• 8/12/2017

Transferring To Junior High..

You and a group of friends are going into middle school. A whole new school, grade level, teachers, people, everything! You and your friends are so excited. but when you arrive, not everything goes according to plan..

Joining Form




Aria Lynn/12/F/
Jace Thompson/12/M/

Lacey Wilson/12/F/

Mason Cambridge/12/Male/
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• 3/3/2017

All Grown Up!


This roleplay is the future of your 1st oc's meanwhile, your 2nd oc's may remain in highschool. This is not a side roleplay, and it will will remain closed until further notice. In this roleplay, your crush/boyfriend may become something more, such as a fiance/Wife/Husband and you may even have children and start a life of your own. Our 16/17/18/19 year old selves will already be 20 and starting there own career.
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• 2/26/2017

Side rp~ School for Misfit Heroes

Your parents talked and decided to send you to some stupid school where you'd learn to behave. And follow in their footsteps and be heroes? The question is, will you become a hero or a villian?


Joining Form:





Powers(3 max)-


Superhero or Supervillain?- (Will you follow in your parents footsteps and be superheroes or will you become Supervillains?):

Name I Age I Gender I Powers I Hero or Villain

Jade Zor-el I 17 I Female I Electrokinesis, Flight, Quintessance Force I Villain

Bolt Allen I 17 I Female I Speed; hypnosis; electrokinesis I Villain

James Kent I 17 I Male I Strength; Heat vision; Flight I Hero

Astrid Kent I 17 I Female I Flight; Strength; Cyrokinesis I Undecided

Jacob Finch I 17 I Male I Genius I Hero

Amelia Norway I 17 I Female I Solarkinesis; Odynokinesis I Villain

Kodak Grey I 17 I Male I Cyrokinesis, Erebokinesis, Metamorphosis I Villain

im cute
im hot
im everything you're not
I looked you up on google just to find out you're a flop
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• 2/19/2017

Joining Form's

If you'd like to become a Lakewood Academy High School student, comment below with the following information.

Name & Last name:




Desired Rank:

Your Group (Pack/Clan/Tribe):



Occupation/Out-of-School activities?

Physical Description:


Roleplay Example:

Realistic Picture of Oc:
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• 2/18/2017

Lakewood Academy HighSchool Roleplay

Hey Guys! Roleplay Here.

Love ya guys c:

but I can
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